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whenindoubtthrowpenguins asked:

What's your favourite thing about being a Muppet fan?

Wow! Toughest question yet by far. There are so many things to love about being a Muppet fan. I actually wrote a paper the other day for my psychology class about belonging to the Muppet fan ingroup (or something like that… I made most of it up) and the thing that I talked about most was how Muppet fans are always so accepting of anyone and everyone, just like the Muppets are. We have our weirdos, our goofballs, our hecklers, our divas, and our crazies, but in the end we’re all just Muppet fans devoted to Jim and Kermit and the whole gang. So I guess it’s the acceptance. Or the uniting of different people. Something smart like that.

  1. whenindoubtthrowpenguins said: Yep. I think we all agree that it has to be for some smart reason, like acceptance. I’m sure Jim would be proud.
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